Configure Freemium via a assisted setup

  • In Business Central, search and go to the page 'Assisted Setup'.

  • In 'Assisted Setup', click on 'Golden EDI – PDF Invoicing Setup'.

  • At the first screen you can read through the information and then click next when you are ready. It will start downloading and importing the configuration for PDF invoicing.

  • When it’s done you will be taken to the next screen where you can fill out both the “From Address” used when sending the invoices/credit-memos and the language used when generating the text in the e-mails.

When all 3 assisted setups are done, you can move on to the next page to run a test case with your new functionalities in freemium, to make sure that it works correctly.

After the test case is done, the final step will be to create the the Job Queue Entries to activate the automation.

There is also the possibility to use assisted setup for 'Golden EDI - Customer Setup' to batch update the customers with GEDI profiles.

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