Email Accounts

Either run the guide for 'Email Accounts' or 'SMTP Mail Setup', you don't need both!

'Feature Update: Enhanced email capabilities' needs to be enabled in feature management for you to find the assisted setup bellow.

Setup E-mail via "Email Accounts"

  • In Business Central, search and go to the page 'Assisted Setup'

  • In 'Assisted Setup', click on 'Set up outgoing email' if its not already Completed. (If this is already Completed, you can jump to the 'Initialize' page)

  • Select the email type and progress the assisted guide as instructed in the pop-ups.

  • Fill in the email account details and then click next when you are done.

If you choose to run Microsoft 365 shared mailbox, the BC user who runs the GEDIQUEUE job queue later, needs to have e-mail rights configured for the outgoing e-mail address.

  • Finish the assisted setup. If you need to verify your settings, you can click ‘Send Test Email’ in the assisted guide itself and check if it works. If not, you can go back and check the entered details.

If you have problems setting up your SMTP, please contact your Business Central partner to help you with this.

Move on to 'Initialize' when you have a working outgoing e-mail.


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