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Choose your Outgoing Email configuration

In Business Central version 18 and later, a new feature for outgoing email was added called 'Email Accounts'.

We recommend that you use the new way of setting up e-mail via 'Email Accounts' when setting up a new GEDI Freemium.

Both 'Email accounts' and 'SMTP Mail Setup' is compatible with GEDI Freemium. 'Email Accounts" have priority if your environment have both configured.

'Email Accounts' have more functionality build into Business Central in Standard, and GEDI Freemium can take full advantage of these new functionalities.

New advantages of using 'Email Accounts' is for example;

  • Possibility to setup multiple outgoing e-mail accounts.

  • Adding scenarios, using different outgoing e-mails per document type.

  • Overview in Business Central of email sent out as well as preview of them.

  • Easier setup of MS 365 Shared mailboxes.

  • Reply or forward a already sent e-mail using the inbuilt preview of the email.

Please contact your Business Central partner for more information about added advantaged of using 'Email Accounts'.

Check if 'Email Accounts' is enabled (On-Prem BC18 only)

In Business Central 19 update later 2021 Q4, Email Accounts will be enabled as standard.

  • In Business Central, search and to go 'Feature Management'.

  • Check if the row "Feature Update: Enhanced email capabilities" is enabled or disabled.

  • This feature needs to be enabled if you want to setup 'Email Accounts'.

Contact your Business Central Partner and analyze consequences before enabling this yourself!

If this feature is Enabled, go to 'Email Accounts' page bellow to configure this.

If this feature is Disabled, go to 'SMTP Mail Setup' page bellow to configure this.

Or if you already have either mail setup in your Business Central environment, you can move on to Initialize instead.

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