Batch update customers

After you have went thru the User Guide - Customers to understand how to correctly configure customer cards for e-invoicing, you can also use our assisted setup for batch updating the relevant customers much faster.

  • In Business Central, search and go to the page 'Assisted Setup'.

  • In 'Assisted Setup', click on 'Golden EDI - customer Setup'

  • Select the Profile you want to add in the selection box above the list.

  • In the list of customers bellow, select the customer row that you want to add the profile to and click the button 'Set GEDI Profile'.

  • You should now see profile you selected in the GEDI Profile column.

  • In the Email column, you can see and change the standard e-mail from the customer card.

  • If you want to setup Document layouts for the customer, type in the correct report IDs in columns 'Invoice Report' and 'Credit Report'. When you do this, document layouts row will be created on the customer using the standard email address from the customer.

  • You can see the Document layouts created if you select the customer and press "Document Layout" button at the lower right. Then you can also change the email, if you want another receiver than the standard email.

'GLN' column is not used for 'Freemium'

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