Invoice Process

Now when the customer cards are configured correctly, we look at how the invoice process to send PDF email works with the Golden EDI app.

When a sales order, invoice or credit note is created, it will inherit the 'GEDI profile' from the customer cards that we have configured. The GEDI profile will activate the freemium functions.

Before posting a sales invoice or credit note, it is possible to remove or change the 'GEDI profile' on it to override the customer cards for that specific sales invoice or credit note.

When you are trying to "post" a sales invoice or credit memo, the Golden EDI app will listen to this event and add it to the 'GEDI Message Queue' as an unprocessed message.

At this point the 'GEDI Status' for the posted sales invoice or credit note have been updated to 'PDF Requested', letting you know that the message is queued.

Every 5 minutes during normal business hours, a 'Job Queue Entry' is scheduled to process all unprocessed message in the 'GEDI Message Queue', at this point they will be sent out as emails via your SMTP.

If the email was sent out successfully, the 'GEDI Status' of the posted sales invoice or credit note will be updated to 'PDF Sent'.

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