• In Business Central, search and go to the page 'Customers'.

  • Open up the customer card that you want to enable Basic Invoice for.

  • Under the 'Invoicing' section you will find the 'GEDI Profile' to activate the functionalities for the customer, change the GEDI Profile to 'PDF-INVOIC'.

There is 2 ways to configure which e-mail address the Invoice should be sent to, Document layouts and standard e-mail contact.

  • If Document layouts are filled in, this has a higher priority and the PDF will be sent to this e-mail. Document layouts have the added benefit of allowing more customization on the customer.

  • If Document layouts are not filled in, it will be sent instead to the e-mail contact on the customer card (18|102) . In this case your standard defined Invoice PDF report will always be used and Invoice, Credit and Order Confirmation will be sent to the same e-mail contact on the customer card.

If neither of these 2 are filled in, the PDF e-mail will not be sent out!

If you want to use document layouts;

  • Still in the customer card, go to 'Navigate' in the header bar, and click on 'Document layouts'.

  • Create 2 rows here according to this table (3 rows if you use enabled order confirmation):

If you are not sure which Reports to use, please contact your BC partner to help you with this.

If you want to send the invoice to multiple email addresses, this can be done in document layouts using a ; as separator. E.g.;

It is also possible in the document layout to change the e-mail body that is sent out. This is done in selecting a 'Email Body Layout Description' and enable 'Use for email body'. It could be that you already have templates here to use. If you want to add new once, please contact your BC partner for this.

If you have many customers to configure this way, we recommend you to use our batch update customers assisted setup.

If you don't use document layouts;

The standard defined report and email body text used in the case when not using document layouts, this is instead defined in the page "Report Selection - Sales", Usage: "Invoice" / "Credit Memo".

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