Freemium - Golden EDI

Freemium - A Product setup for Golden EDI app on Appsource for Business Central

Introduction to Freemium

Golden EDI - Freemium adds powerful functionality that will make your invoicing process more streamlined.

Golden EDI - Freemium allows you to setup the ‘Customer Card’, to automatically send out PDF invoices and credit memos via e-mail when ‘Posting’ them. This means you don’t have to manage them one by one, which is ineffective and time consuming.

  • Choose ‘GEDI Profile’ on ‘Customer Card’ to activate functionalities.

  • In ‘Posted Sales Invoices/Credit memos’ you’ll find an overview of ‘GEDI Status’ of the Invoice.

  • ‘GEDI Message queue’ gives traceability on all PDFs generated and allows reprocessing.

  • ‘Job Queue Entries’ processes the messages separately in the background, as scheduled.

  • PDF Order Confirmation can be activated if needed.

Freemium - Product Information

  • Available for Business Central Cloud via Microsoft AppSource

  • Supports E-mail PDF Invoices via your own SMTP.

  • Possibility to enable PDF Order Confirmation via your own SMTP.

  • Free to use! No installation or transaction fees.

Do you want to send e-invoices also? Our App can handle that for you as well. Please see our other products 'Basic Invoice' and 'Advanced Invoice' for more info!

It is also possible to customize the PDF functionalities further, for example adding Invoice Reminders or adding other attachments to the emails. Please contact to get help with this.

If you have already installed Freemium, you can jump directly to the User Guide bellow.


This guide will help you how to initialize, setup and use Golden EDI Freemium functionality that will support you to automatize your invoice process.

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