Implementation Academy

Learn how to install and configure Golden EDI for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Welcome to Implementation Academy

This is where you as a key user or application consultant will be able to learn how to install and configure Golden EDI in Business Central.

Supported by our Guides, Courses and Core Concept you will be able to learn it all at your own pace.

The knowledge collection

Core Concepts

spaceCore Concepts

In Core Concepts you will find the necessary facts to understand how the Golden EDI apps and services work. All about the required background settings and how they all together create and affect the EDI-flows.



In Courses you find lessons that will teach you how to implement Golden EDI.

The Beginner Courses will take you through installation of the Golden EDI App, how to import prepacked 'GEDI Setups' and give you the basic knowledge about 'GEDI Message Queue', standard 'GEDI Message Codes' and standard 'GEDI Mapping Documents'.

The Configuration Courses will give you a deeper understanding about all the configurable GEDI settings. After this course you will be able to configure new 'GEDI Profiles', edit which event that shall trigger 'GEDI-messages' and what 'GEDI-mapping documents' they shall use.

The Mapping Courses will give you in depth knowledge about the mapping documents. The core that creates the actual content in the outgoing 'GEDI Messages' and interpret and consume the information received in incoming 'GEDI-messages'. After this course you will be able to edit existing 'GEDI-mapping documents' and even create new.



In Guides you find step by step manuals for installing the Golden EDI App and initiating our 'GEDI Setups', as well as other useful guides.

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