Test case

Run a test case to check that the connection to our cloud service has been established

You can only run the test case when the connection is initially in test mode, once your connection is set to go-live, this test case will be sent out as a real e-invoice!

IMPORTANT - To be able to run this test you need a Sales Invoice that we will later 'Post'. If your using a real invoice for the test, you'll also need to distribute it to the customer as normal! The test will not be sent out as a e-invoice, it will only be sent to your e-mail.

  • In Business Central, search and go to the page "Sales Invoices"

  • Open the sales invoice that you want to run the test with.

  • Under the "Invoice Details" section, you will find the field 'GEDI Profile'. Change this to any of the 3 profiles, in order to activate the functionality. (In the User Guide - Customers section we'll explain how to setup customers with this instead of each invoice).

  • When 'Posting' a invoice with the profiles activated, the app now controls that all key fields needed to send a basic invoice is filled in. If any such field is empty a error will tell you what is missing and abort the 'Posting'.

Example of key fields required:

  • 'External Document No' (Table 36| Field 100)

  • 'Sell-to Contact' (Table 36| Field 84)

  • When you go back to the invoice, and add the missing key fields, you can now try to 'Post' it again.

  • If you search and go to the page 'Posted Sales Invoice' you can find a column with 'GEDI Status' - this should now have status 'EDI Posting'

  • Search and go to the page 'GEDI Message Queue'.

  • Here you will find a row with your invoice number in 'Message ID' column and with the 'Message Code' = 'SI-12-RP', probably it's the last row in the list.

  • Mark the row, and go to 'Process' tab and click 'Run Message' to manually trigger the invoice.

  • When it's done, you should have a new row in the list with the invoice number in 'Message ID' and 'Message Code' = 'SI-13-EP' and a 'GEDI Message ID'.

  • GEDI Message ID is the transaction id from the cloud service, if it succesfully responded

  • When you registered your organization in our portal, you picked a 'E-mail for EDI issues'. This e-mail address should now have received a e-mail with the EDI file attached.

  • If you go back to 'Posted Sales Invoices' you can see that the GEDI Status is now 'EDI Posted'

If you received the e-mail this means the test was successful and the connection to the cloud service has been confirmed.

During this test you manually processed the message via our 'GEDI Message Queue', in the next step we will create and schedule 'Job Queue Entries' to handle this for us automatically in the background.

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