Before you go-live, you should have done these steps;

  • Configures business Central according to the guide

  • Made a test case to make sure you are connected to our cloud service

  • Signed the license agreement in Scrive that we sent you a link to earlier

If all of above is done, and you are ready to go-live, login to our portal using the credentials we sent you earlier. Click the 'Ready to go Live' button in the left panel.

After this our support will follow up on your connection and turn off the test mode. Wait for our confirmation by e-mail that this is done.

Once you have our go-live confirmation, go back to 'Job Queue Entries' in Business Central, and restart the 'GEDIQUEUE' and 'GEDIDELETE' job queues to start processing queued messages in our app.

If you for some reason wants to stop or pause the automatic processing in the future, you should set 'Job Queue Entry' 'GEDIQUEUE' and 'GEDIDELETE' to 'Set On Hold'. You can restart it whenever you want to enable it again.

The user that restarts the Job Queue Entry must have user permissation set 'SUPER' or 'GEDI ADMIN FULL'.

Follow up on your first invoices after this and make sure their GEDI status reaches 'EDI Posted', as described in the invoice process.

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