Basic Invoice
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GEDI Profile

Configure the connection to our Cloud Service
  • In Business Central, search and go to the page 'GEDI Profiles'
  • on the 3 profile rows 'BASIC-BBAN', 'BASIC-BGIR' and 'BASIC-IBAN', you need to fill in 'GEDI Connection Id' and 'GEDI API Key'. You should have received these in the 'Golden EDI - Next Steps' e-mail when you registered your company on our cloud. The same Connection ID and API key is used for all 3 profiles.
Screenshot from the Next Steps e-mail
IMPORTANT! - If you use multiple companies in your Business Central, each GEDI Connection ID and corresponding API key must be unique for each company.
Each legal unit must have a individual license to send e-invoices!
The 3 profiles are setup to send different bank information that you want the payment of the invoice to be payed to, each customer needs to be setup with the correct payment type. The information is taken from "Company Information" page in BC.
GEDI Profile
Account from
Bank from
Domestic Bank account
Bank Account No. (79|14)
SWIFT Code (79|39)
Swedish Bankgiro
Giro No. (79|11)
Always: 'BGABSESS'
International Bank account
IBAN (79|38)
SWIFT Code (79|39)
When both assisted setups are done, and the profile is configured you can move on to the next page to run a test case with your new functionalities in Basic Invoice, to make sure that it works correctly and a connection to the Cloud Service has been established.
After the test case is done, the final step will be to create the the Job Queue Entries to activate the automation.
There is also the possibility to use assisted setup for 'Golden EDI - Customer Setup' to batch update the customers with GEDI profiles.